28 Aug

USHEALTH Group: Leading the Tailor-made Health Insurance Plans Movement

USHEALTH Group has carved out a reputation within the health and life insurance sector as one of the leading providers of easily accessible and affordable health and life insurance services in the United States. Its award-winning services have been customized at two levels to meet the unique needs of its individual clients.

The first level is the niche market customization, which has seen the company expand its services to serve self-employed individuals and small business owners. The company has also strategically streamlined its operations to ensure that they are customer-centric.

The ultimate goal of USHEALTH Group’s strategic decisions and operations is to make a positive difference in the lives of its clients and their families, friends and loved ones. The company’s services are therefore ultimately aimed at giving them hope.

Success Factors

Throughout the healthcare industry, very few companies and its management has won as many industry awards as USHEALTH Group. The company’s hierarchy especially its chief executive officer and president, Troy A. McQuagge, has won numerous awards including CEO of the Year Awards from various organizations including Planet One Awards.

He has also won numerous categories of Stevie Awards prizes. In addition to these individual accolades, USHEALTH Group as an organization has won several Stevie Awards. These individual and organization-level awards outline the company’s successes.

One of the success factors at USHEALTH Group is the excellent and visionary leadership of the multi-tiered management of the company. The president and CEO works with numerous, highly talented management team and healthcare professionals who has been the backbone of the company’s successes. Read more: US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP and USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

These professionals also include hundreds of licensed agents who help the company in reaching out to the thousands of clients spread across the country. Niche marketing and customer-centric services have also played a key role in the company’s excellent track record.

Additionally, the company has also pillared its successes on the numerous subsidiaries that it has established across the country to improve its service delivery, affordability and accessibility.

Company’s Management Profile

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group was founded in 1982 and has since them developed an impressive portfolio as an innovative service provider, which target health and life insurance plans for individuals within structured and non-structured employment systems.

Dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of its clients, the company has broad on board highly talented and multi-skilled individuals to spearhead its operations. In addition to Troy A. McQuagge, the company also brought on board Konrad Kober to serve as its vice president and chief administrator.

The senior management team also includes Cynthia Koenig who is the vice president, principal accounting officer, treasurer and chief financial officer of the company. The A – (minus) Better Business Bureau accredited company’s management includes Leo Toralballa who serves as the vice president and head of national sales t USHEALTH Direct.

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