11 Sep

Twenty Three Layers Plans the Perfect Party

Planning the perfect party can be daunting and stressful sometimes, but the host can make giving a party a lot easier with some simple research and planning. There are a few steps to create a memorable party for everyone.


First, make sure you’re organized! Make a master to-do list that goes through every step of planning the party. This ensures that you don’t accidentally miss a crucial step. In addition to this, make a shopping list for the same reason, you don’t want to be running around last minute looking for supplies! Next, set a theme for your party. This can be something grand, such as a book or movie theme or something small and elegant such as focusing on a color scheme. This will help you as the host keep everything tied together. Next, be sure to send out the invitations. These will fit the mentioned theme and give the party goers an idea of what to expect in addition to the basic time and place.


Consider having a self-serve bar open. Leaving some trays out of wine or bubbly allows guest to get comfortable right away. Making your own concoction for these trays or letting your guest mix their own is a fun way to continue with your theme as well. When your guest starts looking for some appetizers to go with their drinks, be sure to keep them simple so your guests are able to stay mobile and socializing. Keep your settings simple as well, this will leave a better impression over a complicated, distracting setting. Finally, be sure to relax and enjoy your party, you’ve earned it!


Sometimes, however, it’s nice to be able to leave the planning to the professionals. Twenty Three Layers is one of the premiere event planning companies in New York City. A full-service planner staffed with creative and energetic minds, Twenty Three Layers prides itself on creating memorable experiences. With everything from enchanting personal celebration to large company events, no detail is overlooked. As renowned corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers boast coveted relationships with the most in demand venues and merchants in New York.