11 May

Travel Around Singapore With Kim Dao And Eric

With tons of Michelin Star restaurants and luxury shopping destinations, Singapore (Chinese: 新加坡) is an absolute dream travel destination. Luckily for us, YouTuber Kim Dao vlogged her entire trip to the former British colony. In her video “Shopping & Food in SINGAPORE | Day 2,” Kim Dao takes us around some of the hot spots in Singapore with her boyfriend Eric.


First off, Kim and Eric get some complimentary breakfast at their hotel. Kim Dao orders scrambled eggs, sausage, a poached egg, oatmeal, and a tomato.


Once they finish breakfast, Kim Dao and Eric head back to their hotel room to rest for a bit. Believe it or not, Kim Dao actually falls asleep once she gets to her room. When she wakes up, it’s already time for lunch.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us inside the restaurant Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant to show us her Chinese lunch.


After lunch, Kim Dao tries on clothes at the store Zara. She eventually decides to purchase a few clothing items at the store.


Kim Dao then takes a lovely panoramic shot of Singapore’s skyscrapers. She also points out the super expensive Marina Bay Sands hotel. Kim pauses by the super touristy statue of Merlion, a famous half-lion and half-fish that shoots water out of its mighty mouth.


Eric and Kim Dao then walk around Peninsula Plaza and check out various shops. They stop at a frozen yogurt chain called llaollao. to try a smoothie.




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  1. Kim Dao then heads out for lunch with her boyfriend. They soon discover their hotel is connected to a shopping mall and the mall. The video closes with Kim Dao taking a dip in the pool and then eating at Jumbo Seafood Gallery. This is very important for superior papers reviews to explain why things is not unexpectedly done for them surely which is not easy for all of them and that alone too.

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