4 Oct

The United States’ Educational Reformist via Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos, commonly known as Elisabeth Dee, is a famous reformer and is globally recognized for most of her philanthropic courses. Betsy DeVos began her adventure on campus where she participated in the school politics. Since then, Betsy DeVos has retained her active interests in the policy; with most of her activities geared towards charitable giving for educational reform programs. Besides majoring in educational reforms, Betsy’s charitable giving is expanded and experienced in a variety of sectors including think tanks and leadership groups. In my opinion, Betsy DeVos zeal in donating is directed by her upbringing. Betsy DeVos was brought up in a wealthy family that valued the significance of impacting other people’s lives. According to my statistics, the DeVos family has set aside approximately $44 million for donations in the Michigan state alone.


Betsy DeVos receives support from her husband, Dick DeVos, in the pioneering of her philanthropic courses. The source of the couple’s funds for charity is their established organization known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Michigan-based institutions receive advanced support from Betsy DeVos through her donations. Recently, Betsy DeVos offered her support to an aviation school located at the Gerald Ford Airport. The aviation-charter institution was established in 2010. Since its founding, the institution has advanced courtesy of Betsy’s contributions through funding. Not only does Betsy value professional schools, but also institutions based on religious standards. Betsy manages her foundation in support of a couple of Christian schools that are under the management of Potter House. I postulate that Betsy DeVos comprehends the relevance of religion and advocates for positive transformation in religion-founded institutions. Additionally, I provide that Betsy’s intent to enhance education in the United States will overtime be successful due to her diversified roles in various groups.


My research on the foundation’s website demonstrates Betsy DeVos’ interests in impacting Americans for a lifetime. In 2015, Betsy’s organization raised approximately $11.6 million in charitable activities. According to my statistics, this amount indicates a rise in the value that Betsy sets aside for charitable donations by 50%. Also, with regards to educational-directed donations, Betsy DeVos has performed an enormous task from 1999 to 2014. My study on her financial giving demonstrates that between the periods, Betsy DeVos allocated $8.6 million to Christian institutions, $59,750 to public schools and charter schools were awarded almost $5.2 million. Betsy DeVos is operational in the United States under the Republican Party. She is the eleventh Education Secretary in the Donald Trump’s government. The fifty-nine-year-old executive originates from Holland where she spent her entire life. Throughout her lifetime, Betsy DeVos has taken part in activities that advocate for transformation. I postulate that she values her family name; thus the reason that she names organizations after the name.


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