19 Sep

Dr. Imran Haque: How to Live with Diabetes

Many Americans suffer from certain diseases without knowing that they have the diseases. For instance, over 29 million Americans have diabetes, but a majority of them are unaware. Although heredity factors may cause diabetes, medical practitioners such as Dr. Imran Haque often tie it to a person’s lifestyle and diet. Inactive people with poor eating habits are at risk of developing diabetes.

Diabetes is a common disease, but ordinary people fail to understand how the disease affects their bodies. Diabetes weakens the body’s ability to regulate or produce insulin; the hormone is essential for controlling blood sugar levels. Unregulated blood sugar leads to a high concentration of sugar in blood and urine. However, there are three types of diabetes: gestational diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. Specialists such as Dr. Haque advice patients to find out the type of diabetes they are suffering from. Dr. Haque also reassures patients that although diabetes is a chronic disease, it is a manageable condition.

So how can diabetes be managed? Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and when an individual suffering from diabetes changes their way of life, they are on their path to managing the disease. Dr. Haque, a diabetes specialist, recommends exercises and adopting healthy eating habits. Intense exercises will lead to the shedding of weight while a healthy diet will keep the lost weight at bay.

Dr. Imran Haque is based in Asheboro North Carolina. He is a renowned internist with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Haque is a diabetes specialist who is dedicated to assisting diabetes patients to control the disease. Dr. Haque is also passionate about the use of technology to facilitate complicated medical procedures such as surgery. He hopes that soon, Horizontal Internal Medicine—Dr. Haque’s private practice— will be the leading medical facility in North Carolina.

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11 Sep

Twenty Three Layers Plans the Perfect Party

Planning the perfect party can be daunting and stressful sometimes, but the host can make giving a party a lot easier with some simple research and planning. There are a few steps to create a memorable party for everyone.


First, make sure you’re organized! Make a master to-do list that goes through every step of planning the party. This ensures that you don’t accidentally miss a crucial step. In addition to this, make a shopping list for the same reason, you don’t want to be running around last minute looking for supplies! Next, set a theme for your party. This can be something grand, such as a book or movie theme or something small and elegant such as focusing on a color scheme. This will help you as the host keep everything tied together. Next, be sure to send out the invitations. These will fit the mentioned theme and give the party goers an idea of what to expect in addition to the basic time and place.


Consider having a self-serve bar open. Leaving some trays out of wine or bubbly allows guest to get comfortable right away. Making your own concoction for these trays or letting your guest mix their own is a fun way to continue with your theme as well. When your guest starts looking for some appetizers to go with their drinks, be sure to keep them simple so your guests are able to stay mobile and socializing. Keep your settings simple as well, this will leave a better impression over a complicated, distracting setting. Finally, be sure to relax and enjoy your party, you’ve earned it!


Sometimes, however, it’s nice to be able to leave the planning to the professionals. Twenty Three Layers is one of the premiere event planning companies in New York City. A full-service planner staffed with creative and energetic minds, Twenty Three Layers prides itself on creating memorable experiences. With everything from enchanting personal celebration to large company events, no detail is overlooked. As renowned corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers boast coveted relationships with the most in demand venues and merchants in New York.

11 Sep

José AuriemoNeto: Meet the Outstanding Entrepreneur behind JHSF’s Success

JHSF Participações S.A is a leading multinational property organization with several active branches in the main cities of Brazil including Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. Additionally, it has investments in Miami, New York, and Punta Del Este (Uruguay). JHSF was created in 1972 and has since developed many luxurious properties including airports, shopping centers, commercial towers, top-notch hotels and lavish condominiums.

JHSF has an excellent strategy to ensure continuous revenue generation; hence, the reason it has sub divided the organization to focus on the properties as mentioned earlier. Since its founding, JHSF has developed approximately more than six million square meters of construction. In 2017, the company was projected to have a market value of R $1.20 Billion and the figure is expected to double up by 2030. Additionally, JHSF has been trading its shares on the stock exchange since 2007 successfully.

In 2014, JHSF was honored with thePini Award for being the Best Brazilian Real Estate Developer among other awards. Some of the most prominent property developed by JHSD includes Bela Vista Shopping Center in Salvador, Fasano Group Hotels, and CidadeJardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paulo and Ponta Negra Shopping Mall in Manaus.

About José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is the serving Chairman, President, and CEO at JHSF Participações S.A taking after his father Fabio Auriemo at only the age of 27 years. Under José management, JHSF has undertaken several successful projects. For instance, even before becoming active in the top management of JHSF, Mr. Neto managed to convince his father who was at the time the President to undertake the construction of ParqueCidadeJardim, a large shopping complex in Brazil. Additionally, after joining JHSF, he made a move to enter into retail business by signing deals with top known fashion designers including Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. To know more about him click here.

Another important venture developed by Mr. Auriemo includes the Parkbem, a project that enabled JHSF to control and manage its parking lots it all its properties. José Auriemo stated his career in 1993 after graduating with degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from FAAP University and FASE colleges respectively.


7 Sep

Rick Smith and his Contributions to Securus Technologies

Rick Smith has been the CEO of the Securus Technologies since the year 2008. Rick Smith has worked hard to raise the company to its current position among the 3. The company services to the correction industry. Rick Smith has the knowledge and expertise to run secures company as he has been working in the finance areas, information technology, operations and critical business area. Also, he has excellent leadership skill.Rick Smith acquired an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Afterward, he earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the state university of New York City. He further attained a master’s degree from the same school. Between the years 1972 to 1998, he worked with the global crossing where he serves as a controller and as the chief information officer. Rick Smith has worked as the vice president for the Midwest telephone operations. Afterwards, he acted as the chief financial officer for solon telecom, Inc and from the year 2000 to 2003; she became the president of the same company. Afterward, he was elected to be the CEO.

Securus Technologies put up some decades ago by helping public service agencies. The Securus Technologies also supports services that were being monitored by business owners. Currently, it serves correction agencies that have approximately 1.2millions across North America. Securus Technologies performs its duties well propelled by the ambition to help and has won the first position in supporting the correction centers all across the country.It was during his leadership at echelon that made the company increase its revenue from $30 to $350 million. Rick Smith has been the president since 2008 and the CEO since the year 2009. Global link tells the basic competitor for the company. The company has to build a product that can surpass the global products. They had a large VIOP correction calling platform. Rick’s vast experience was considered so much during the election of himself as the CEO.

Securer provided services in many fields to over one million inmates and two thousand six hundred correction facilities around the country. The systems of Securus technologies provide include incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response systems, inmate self-service systems and communication and monitoring systems.Secures technologies are situated in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith in his years has worked create patents, acquisition for the company and new technologies. Secures Technologies Company has developed immensely under Rick Smith leadership. Rick Smith has also planned to help protect the country from crimes by providing many of its products to the society. The procedure will include even those within the prisons. There have been many proposals forwarded to Securus technologies with the aim of helping the enforcement and correction agencies.

28 Aug

USHEALTH Group: Leading the Tailor-made Health Insurance Plans Movement

USHEALTH Group has carved out a reputation within the health and life insurance sector as one of the leading providers of easily accessible and affordable health and life insurance services in the United States. Its award-winning services have been customized at two levels to meet the unique needs of its individual clients.

The first level is the niche market customization, which has seen the company expand its services to serve self-employed individuals and small business owners. The company has also strategically streamlined its operations to ensure that they are customer-centric.

The ultimate goal of USHEALTH Group’s strategic decisions and operations is to make a positive difference in the lives of its clients and their families, friends and loved ones. The company’s services are therefore ultimately aimed at giving them hope.

Success Factors

Throughout the healthcare industry, very few companies and its management has won as many industry awards as USHEALTH Group. The company’s hierarchy especially its chief executive officer and president, Troy A. McQuagge, has won numerous awards including CEO of the Year Awards from various organizations including Planet One Awards.

He has also won numerous categories of Stevie Awards prizes. In addition to these individual accolades, USHEALTH Group as an organization has won several Stevie Awards. These individual and organization-level awards outline the company’s successes.

One of the success factors at USHEALTH Group is the excellent and visionary leadership of the multi-tiered management of the company. The president and CEO works with numerous, highly talented management team and healthcare professionals who has been the backbone of the company’s successes. Read more: US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP and USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

These professionals also include hundreds of licensed agents who help the company in reaching out to the thousands of clients spread across the country. Niche marketing and customer-centric services have also played a key role in the company’s excellent track record.

Additionally, the company has also pillared its successes on the numerous subsidiaries that it has established across the country to improve its service delivery, affordability and accessibility.

Company’s Management Profile

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group was founded in 1982 and has since them developed an impressive portfolio as an innovative service provider, which target health and life insurance plans for individuals within structured and non-structured employment systems.

Dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of its clients, the company has broad on board highly talented and multi-skilled individuals to spearhead its operations. In addition to Troy A. McQuagge, the company also brought on board Konrad Kober to serve as its vice president and chief administrator.

The senior management team also includes Cynthia Koenig who is the vice president, principal accounting officer, treasurer and chief financial officer of the company. The A – (minus) Better Business Bureau accredited company’s management includes Leo Toralballa who serves as the vice president and head of national sales t USHEALTH Direct.

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26 Aug

Fasano Hotel acquisition highlights Jose Auriemo Neto’s leadership of JHSF

Brazilian luxury real estate developer JHSF Participacaoes has always been a key player in the luxury hotel operation and development game. Cutting its teeth on building some of the most luxurious hotel properties in the country, JHSF Participacaoes made a name for itself as a capable high-end hotel developer. It also gained a good deal of experience operating and owning luxury hotel chains, a skill set that would come in handy later.

After the firm’s founder, Fabio Auriemo, decided to retire in 2001, he handed the reins of the firm over to his precocious son, Jose Auriemo Neto. Under the leadership of Auriemo Neto, the firm thrived, building some of the most ambitious and stunning real estate development projects that Brazil had ever seen. By the year 2004, the company was increasingly being talked about as a prospect for an initial public offering. Taking one of the most successful and largest real estate developers in the country public was estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Even so, Auriemo Neto was not content to rest on his laurels. He continued taking on new and highly challenging development projects as well as acquiring various properties throughout the country.

In 2004, he acquired the entire Fasano hotel chain for $18 million. This legendary chain of 5-star luxury hotels has a long history in the country of Brazil and name brand recognition throughout Latin America that is second to none. It also gave JHSF Participacaoes a presence in the United States for the first time, with a major hotel being acquired in the Miami area, on South Beach. Like so many other of Auriemo Neto’s investments, the acquisition of the Fasano hotel chain proved to be an incredibly fortuitous deal.

Just three years later, in 2007, the company finally underwent its initial public offering. The market agreed with the judgements of José AuriemoNeto, valuing the company at more than $1 billion. What was the largest IPO in Brazilian history of a private real estate developer pointed to the fact that the market believed that the competitive edge JHSF Participacaoes had meticulously developed over the prior 30 years gave it an unmatched advantage in its markets.

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21 Aug

Traveling Through Denmark With Kim Dao

Kim Dao recently visited Copenhagen, Denmark. She did quite a bit of shopping while she was in the city and took her viewers along with her so that they could get a feel for how the shops and streets look in this part of the world. When Kim Dao is in Europe, she usually wakes up early because her sleeping pattern is fixed compared to when she visits places like Australia. One of the things that Kim Dao enjoys in the morning, especially before she goes shopping is a hot cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


While on the streets of Denmark, Kim Dao shows viewers some of the colorful houses in Copenhagen. She enjoyed lunch with a few friends before setting her sights on some of the small shops in the town. One of the things that she noticed was that many of the people travel on bikes instead of using cars. Cosmetics are usually made with natural ingredients and are less expensive than what Kim Dao is accustomed to paying in her hometown. She visited the train station to get to some of the stores, showing viewers how to board the train and the architectural details of the station as she enjoys looking at the beauty of arches and other designs when she travels.



11 Aug

Patty Roclage’s Career in Psycotherapy and her Love for the Community

For those who live in the United States, Rocklage is a familiar name. Those who are familiar with the name usually associate it with Scott Rocklage. What they do not know is that Patty Rocklage is Scott’s wife.

Patty is a therapist who has been licensed to offer her services as both a marriage and family therapist. In fact, she is proud of her background as well as over 20 years in psychotherapy practice. Her dedication to families and married couples is immense and she strives to help them overcome any of their life struggles together.

Patty graduated from the University of South California where she earned her degree in psychology back in 1981. She is currently based in Massachusetts in Sudbury where she has her practice. Her clients come from all over the greater Boston area and beyond. Her therapy style has endeared her to many people who are easily put at ease when they go for their counseling sessions.

Her career in psychotherapy has helped Patty to develop invaluable skills such as public speaking and teaching. She is also passionate about giving back to the society. With the help of her husband, she helped the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to renovate two of their laboratories in 2016. She is also a volunteer working with the Sudanese Education Fund. The Fund is keen on helping both children and adults from South Sudan to obtain good and stable jobs as well as education and finances.

When she is not working or volunteering, Patty Rocklage enjoys spending quality time with her family. Most people know Patty as a supportive wife to Dr. Scott Rocklage. She is also a life coach and helps her clients become better versions of themselves through therapy and self appreciation.

It is this passion for her work and the community that has made Patty Rocklage a name that is associated with respect and great repute. In order to learn more about what Patty and her husband are working on, find them on their official websites or contact them directly.

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3 Aug

How Is Roberto Santiago Planning The Mall At Manaira?

There is a new mall at Manaira that Roberto Santiago has planned, and he knows that he may create a brand new place for people to work or start their own businesses. He believes in helping people grow their own dreams with the mall and its many partners, and he will continue to create the spaces that people need to start businesses. This article explains how the Mall at Manaira will be structured to serve everyone.


#1: How Big Will The Mall Be?


The Mall at Manaira will be more than simply the mall itself. Roberto wants to see people come to the mall, and he wants them to know that they may open companies in the mall. It is much easier for someone to start a company in this space because they have quite a lot of traffic that will come through. They have more chances to grow their businesses, and these very same people will see an improvement in the business models they have chosen.


#2: The Simplicity Of The Mall


The mall is hereby a template that Roberto will use to invite in more people and more jobs. He wants his partners to build around the mall, and he wants them to create spaces for people to work and live that will help them change their lives. He knows that it will be much easier for these people to change their lives when they are in the mall area, and these companies will build their own structures in the mall region.


#3: Growing Commerce


Commerce in the area will grow quite a lot when Roberto has been given the chance to create more jobs. He wants to see jobs in the area grow every year, and he wants to know that people who move into the area will have instant access to jobs. It is much easier for him to help the people of the region improve their lives, and he will show them that they may expand their own companies when they move to a place like this.


#4: The Potential


The Mall at Manaira is one that Roberto sees quite a lot of potential in. He knows that people who are coming to the mall will shop more every year, and he wants to see companies move in. These companies will be quite confident in the amount of jobs and sales they may create, and they will be much happier with the opportunities they have.


It is easy for someone to move where Roberto Santiago has developed because he knows that these companies will grow quite a lot when they have access to all the people and partners who are moving into the same mall area.


31 Jul

Jason Hope’s Futuristic View through Technology and Entrepreneurship

Kevin Ashton coined internet of Things in 1999. Physical devices have been increasingly equipped with electronics so that they can collect data and information. Cars, cameras, refrigerators, and pets have some degree of connectivity in the current world. The term means the world has become more connected to the internet.

IoT Technology: Europe Vs America

In a survey of 500 executives in Europe and America, 25% of European Executives plan to integrate IoT Solutions within their systems by the year 2020 as compared to only 16 % of their counterparts in the Americas. In Europe, it is aimed at cost reduction and improvement of analytics as well as the quality of products.75% of executives from America expects IoT Solutions to reduce wastes and input costs with the figure being 35 % in Europe.

Obstacles to Implementing IoT Solutions

  • All European Executives cited security as a major hurdle to adopting the IoT Technologies. The fear is understood since Europe so far leads in cases of cyber-crimes. About74 countries in Europe were affected by a cyber-crime attack in May last year.
  • Regulatory barriers to adopting IoT. About 8 % of American executives cited concern on compliance.

The Future of IoT Technologies in Europe and America

The two powers are adopting a “wait and see” attitude to implementing the IoT Solutions. Europe has shown a higher possibility of learning the technology faster than their colleagues. The competition will ensure that the two court bigger investors, and there is a possibility America will be seeking inspiration from Europe in the years to come.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor. Jason focuses on technology and philanthropy. He is a respected futurist who has gained a reputation for analyzing his markets and systematically predicting technological developments. Jason Hope hopes to see the world where development will be the entire work of technology, for many generations to come.

Jason Hope’s education was business-oriented. He has a degree in Finance as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from the Arizona State University’s Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope founded the SENS Foundation. He has impacted lives through his philanthropic initiatives America.