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How Don Ressler Has Supported The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is reputed as one of the most focused entrepreneur in the online world of business due to the success he has recorded over the years he has been investing in that space. He supports young entrepreneurs on Crunchbase to help them understand how they can structure their ideas for performance and to emerge competitive. Don Ressler runs several successful companies that he founded and co-founded and more than 75% of the ideas he launched grew to become stable and successful businesses.

More than 15 years ago, Don Ressler made his first move in business and this saw him launch FitnessHeaven.com, which was founded on the need to offer affordable and high quality fitness products on Brandettes. The company was an awesome platform on which he was able to learn several things about running a business and enhancing productivity.

At first, FitnessHeaven.com did not produce the results he wanted since there were many challenges along the way that included lack of resources and the needed marketing skills on LinkedIn. However, this did not discourage him and by 2000, the business was already profitable. In 2001, he put the company on sale and in the same year Intermix Media bought it over.

Alena Media
While transacting, Don Ressler came across Adam Goldenberg, who was then working as the COO of Intermix Media. They held similar ideas and dreams and they decided to join hands to invest in a business that would cover a bigger region. The first idea the duo pursued included the launch of Alena Media, a company that offered marketing services to online-based businesses. Alena was one of the most profitable businesses they launched because it generated millions from advertising in just three years after inception.

Intelligent Beauty
In 2005, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler sold Alena Media to News Corp to raise funds for a different idea. The money they raised was enough to finance a bigger company, so in 2008, they founded Intelligent Beauty, which has remained profitable since its launch. The company offers beauty products and operates different branches.

The next move the duo made saw them launch JustFab in 2010. JustFab offers fashion products and is run through a subscription platform at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html that allows users to manage their preferences. In 2011, they went for $33 million funding from Matrix Ventures to finance the infrastructural development of the company.

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