5 Oct

Fabletics Taking over the Fashion Business

Fashion has always played a huge role in the society, and the advancement of technology into a digital state has also affected the approach that is used with regards to fashion products. The versatility that exists regarding taste and desires among the clients of wear products is quite huge, and the gap between different customer needs continues to enlarge each day.


Such a situation is further enhanced by the financial capabilities of individuals, and the competition that is brought about by the desire to have customized products that are unique. Therefore, the burden of ensuring that the client’s needs are fully satisfied as per their desires falls onto the back of the designers and producers of the wear products.


On the other hand, the competition among the manufacturers of wear products continues to increase each day as different methods of marketing get adopted. Hence, they are forced to employ the techniques that will get the greatest attention of the clients and in the end make a profit out of today’s dynamic market. Currently, digitizing products helps to ensure that a company’s stock moves faster and it can reach clients who in any part of the globe.


According to Kate Hudson who is the founder and CEO of the enterprise that majorly specializes in the sale of ladies accessories and sportswear, she did not initially expect that the business would succeed as much as it has in the fashion business. However, she admits that the manner in which other wear companies conduct their trade involves the use of methods that have been employed over and over again. After seeing the need for change, she felt the need to use a different strategy in the sale of her products, which have performed exemplary in the fashion wear industry.


Fabletics has grown tremendously, and it has managed to gain over $250 million over a period of only three years. The firm enables clients to subscribe to its services, thereby, making it possible to boost sales within a concise time. In addition to the techniques and strategies that Kate Hudson has employed in her business, she believes that the client’s needs are always evolving, and therefore, it is up to businesses like hers to keep in touch with that important factor, or else a business will end up being left out of the competition.


Therefore, her business offers clients who have already subscribed to Fabletics services with a quiz test that examines the different lifestyles and the customer desires that have changed. The questionnaire method is a primary source of information, and it helps the business to evolve with the needs of the clients.