17 Jan

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Is Changing The Way Women View Makeup

Chances are you’ve seen pictures of Doe Deere on social media platforms like Instagram, and she’s likely adorned with brightly colored makeup that makes you take a second look. Deere is more than just a attractive face, she’s also a makeup artist and businesswoman who has earned the title of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine due to her Lime Crime makeup brand. Deere also interviewed with Stephanie Janetos of Galore Mag to talk about her professional success as well.


Deere shares that she’s always had an active imagination and was fascinated and drawn to color. She remembers dressing herself in as many colors as possible as a child and even playing in her mother’s makeup. She reveals that she’s having just as much fun as an adult, and will be revealing new projects soon.


Deere also shares that her earliest memory of makeup was when she was at a slumber party with her two best friends. She and her friends were nine years old at the time, and starting piling on makeup to look spooky and mysterious. She remembers that her friends looked at her in a way that indicated they thought she was a little strange, but she didn’t mind. She just remembered having fun and wanting the moment to be authentic. Doe Deere has carried that free spirit with her into business, and her boldness has led her to create shockingly beautiful looks for clients as a makeup artist and the CEO of Lime Crime.



The mission of Lime Crime is to revolutionize the way makeup is worn and viewed. Deere wants to change the way women shop for cosmetics and improve the way that makeup makes people feel. Lime Crime is one of the first brands that is exclusively online, and has become a cult favorite among consumers who are active on social media. The company has introduced trends that have taking social media by storm and continues to set new standards in terms of quality and performance.


Whether customers are searching for a new go-to look or makeup for a special occasion, Lime Crime’s vegan and cruelty-free selections could provide a beautiful solution.

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