21 Sep

Kim Dao Shares Favorite Japanese Hair Care Items

Japan has much to offer when it comes to caring for the skin and one’s hair, and this video shares some of the best products that Japan offers for the hair. This video is something that Kim Dao put together to help people find the best Japanese hair care products. This video shares all of the products that Kim Dao feels are good for the hair and that she uses to help her feel good about herself. Those who are looking for Japanese products that they can try out for themselves will find that this video shares some exciting options.


In this video, Kim Dao talks about a hair fragrance that she likes to use. This product is something that she puts in her hair to help it smell good, and it is something that she recommends to others. Another product that she talks about in this video is a foam that is made to moisturize the hair. Kim Dao has many Japanese products that she has used and loved, and she shares those in this video for those who would like to try them out. Kim Dao offers great information in this video for anyone looking to use Japanese hair care products.

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21 Aug

Traveling Through Denmark With Kim Dao

Kim Dao recently visited Copenhagen, Denmark. She did quite a bit of shopping while she was in the city and took her viewers along with her so that they could get a feel for how the shops and streets look in this part of the world. When Kim Dao is in Europe, she usually wakes up early because her sleeping pattern is fixed compared to when she visits places like Australia. One of the things that Kim Dao enjoys in the morning, especially before she goes shopping is a hot cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao


While on the streets of Denmark, Kim Dao shows viewers some of the colorful houses in Copenhagen. She enjoyed lunch with a few friends before setting her sights on some of the small shops in the town. One of the things that she noticed was that many of the people travel on bikes instead of using cars. Cosmetics are usually made with natural ingredients and are less expensive than what Kim Dao is accustomed to paying in her hometown. She visited the train station to get to some of the stores, showing viewers how to board the train and the architectural details of the station as she enjoys looking at the beauty of arches and other designs when she travels.