5 Feb

Bob Reina Is a Great Person

The network marketing expert, chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina has throughout the years been increasing his philanthropic efforts in order to improve the lives of other individuals.

While the majority of businesses out there focus on profit, Talk Fusion concentrates on altruism. Talk Fusion has been positively impacting people in the 140 countries that it operates, helping communities grow. According to the network marketing expert Reina, Talk Fusion is driven by humanitarianism. All that matters for this company is to be able to help others succeed in their personal and professional goals. And of course, Reina represents his company clearly.

The Floridian is known, for instance, for his love towards animals. He has personally adopted many animals from Florida and is also known in this state as a hero. He has even donated about $1 million towards the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in order to improve its operations. Reina has also supported many Asian orphanages diligently.

But Reina’s involvement with countless organizations and non-profits inspired him to improve his philanthropic activities. As an incentive, he created a program that allows independent distributors to support nonprofit organizations and charities from around the world.

Whether through travel incentives, promotions or monetary bonuses, Reina has always known how to motivate his independent distributors, which explains the great success of Talk Fusion. For instance, at Talk Fusion, representatives get payed within hours when they make sells. Reina was the first in the industry to introduce instant compensation plans. Through Talk Fusion’s business opportunity, people from all over the world have improved their lives.

Reina is an innovator in the video marketing industry and a great leader. After realizing in 2004 of the benefits of being able to send videos through email, he founded Talk Fusion back in 2007. Reina is also a veteran in the world of multi-level marketing and a former police officer. He obtained his advanced college education from the University of South Florida. He also graduated first in his class from the Tampa Police Academy.