8 Mar

Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur That Cares

Marc Sparks, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author of the book “They Can’t Eat You” has a unique vision of the world. His take on life is that if you aren’t helping someone, you aren’t really living.

In a world that teaches a dog eat dog mentality, he stands out as a businessman who has built his success on helping others to be successful rather than trying see how much can get from them. To Marc, being kind is a way of life and a path to success, not just a four letter word that’s used as a platitude.

As a philanthropist, Marc Sparks donates his time and money to a variety of different organizations and people who are on a mission to make the world a better place. Marc, helped build the first transitional living apartment complex in North Texas and greatly supported The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas, so that it now houses up to 160 residents a night.

The Samaritan Inn provides its residents with counseling, family services, job placement, health programs, and more. To help children in need, Marc financially supports America Can! Academy, which is a magnet high school program that provides education to 8,000 at-risk students every year.

He also started the “Sparky’s Kids” foundation where he has donated over a thousand new computers to kids in need.

Marc Sparks also believes that animals should not suffer and his openhearted approach has been one that many people aspire to emulate. His support for Dogs Matter, a program that provides temporary care for pets of addicts and alcoholics in recovery.

This allows people to seek the help they’re needing without having to give up their beloved pets. Along with Dogs Matter, Marc Sparks supports The Center for Animal Research and Education(CARE), which provides rescue, holistic nursing, and rehabilitation for abused, injured big cats.

Marc’s entire business is set up to help other people succeed with their business. Timber Creek Capital, LP. is where he helps passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams and ideas into a reality. There he provides the capital, office space, expertise, and so much more that helps others create the products and services they could once only hope to.

With over sixty start ups under Marc’s belt, he has no fear of failure or losing and uses this philosophy as a guiding principle. Where others have a hard time seeing the potential in a business idea, Marc can take that idea and turn it into something completely new and profitable that will help someone in one way or another. In this way he truly is a brilliant entrepreneur that cares.