24 Jan

Crime Escalates Around the Quincy Apartments

On May 7th, 2013, a Pizza robbery in Quincy happened. Police arrested a New Brunswick man in conjunction to the robbery. The South Brunswick police, a few months later charged the man with a case of armed robbery of a pizza delivery man. Wood is 21 years old and goes by the street name P-gun. P-gun is the leader of the street gang involved in the incident.


It is in the police records that the delivery man was delivering pizza to the N building of a complex on the Quincy circle. However, upon arrival, he was told that no pizza had been ordered. As the delivery guy turned to walk back, three male suspects approached the man from behind and said the pizza request had originated from them. As the delivery man proceeded to get their pizza from the car, one of the assailants produced a gun and demanded money. The police report said that the three men escaped with the victim’s wallet, money, and pizza to a nearby parking lot.


Investigations carried out obtained cell phone from the site during the incident. P-gun was linked to the location at the time of the incident.

Quincy Circle is an apartment complex that is the home to many residents. It offers all types of housing based on the client desires.


On October 2015, around the same area in New Brunswick apartments, at least one person was injured in a shooting that occurred in the area. The victim was rushed to the hospital as police proceeded to do their investigations. The location is known for its crime rate, and the 5th of October was no different. According to the police department, three or four shots were fired. The apartments are owned by a company based in the North Quincy, Massachusetts.