28 Oct

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD and Entrepreneur

Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating high school he got his degree in medicine from Tulane University Medical School. After receiving his degree he joined his father’s practice. But, he didn’t stop there. Dr. Mark McKenna went on to launch a number of successful businesses in the worlds of finance and medicine.

McKenna first foray into the financial world was in real estate development. McKenna Venture Investments was the first step on his entrepreneurial path. He went on to launch two other businesses acquiring over 50 employees. His business portfolio included finance, real estate closing and turn-key design and build services.

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans, in 2005, McKenna lost most of his businesses as well. But that didn’t keep him from rebuilding. He was very involved with the rebuilding of the city, helping to restore homes for low to moderate income families.

Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007. There he opened a new medical practice based on wellness and aesthetic medicine, ShapeMed. He grew his practice into a successful one and sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014. He stayed on with the company as the National Medical Director until 2016.

In 2017, he launched his latest venture, OVME. With this new company he is working to reinvent the world of elective health care. McKenna has been successful in all of his ventures through his hard work and belief in himself. One thing that he has managed to do is balance his career with his family.

Mark is happily married with one daughter. He makes time to spend with his daughter every morning before he goes to work. He also makes it a habit to eat dinner with his family every evening. As a medical professional he understand the necessity of taking care of himself too. McKenna spends a part of every day in meditation and works out in the evening with JiuJitsu. He credits his success to setting goals and working hard to achieve them.