27 Mar

Discover The Wisdom Behind The Creation Of Lime Crime


What Pioneers Doe Deere?


Creativity is the main drive behind the creation of Lime Crime products that was founded by CEO and female entrepreneur Doe Deere. She decided back at the tender age of 5 by trying on her mother’s makeup and clothing that the dull neutral colors of the late 90’s would be a thing of the past. Ironically, by 13, she was marketing novelty tattoos and selling them to her friends in her native Russia.


Lime Crime Leads The Way In Cosmetics


Doe Deere created Lime Crime after design school. She moved to New York and she decided that she would join a band for a short period of time. Deere would not end up a musician, but she learned to appreciate people that attended her events and the ones that stood by her cause. She decided that she wanted to put certification behind the ideas that she had created through her unconventional way of thinking by receiving certification through design school.


Receiving her certification in technological design lead to the creation of Lime Crime. Deere was interested in providing colors that inspire her clients to be bold. Her cosmetic line includes unique colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. LC colors are waterproof and won’t smudge during your normal daily routine with activities that include drinking or eating. If you’re looking for creative ways to wear their products, you can visit YouTube and check out actual tutorials of individuals that have purchased Lime Crime with their own money and are not paid users.


Doe Deere believes going above and beyond her dreams by creating the sister company Scandal which is highly popular among her 1.4 million Instagram followers. Scandal offers a vibrant purple and violet hue that is available in the same velvetine matte base that is familiar to their customers at LC. Deere tells her wearers if they are interested in becoming successful they have to find out what they are good at and perfect their craft. Doe Deere has created makeup and gives advice that empowers women around the world to be creative.


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