18 Oct

Meet the Stocks Guru; Paul Mampilly

It is the goal of every investor to make good profits. The key to making it big as an investor is knowing the world around you and reading a lot of books by experienced and successful investors.

Paul Mampilly, a writer, is a good example. He moved from India to the United States at a tender age and held an MBA from Fordham University. He gained experience in the field of investment while he was working as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He has also worked with Deutsche Bank and ING. His potential in developing significant investments became so evident when he grew the worth of Kinetic International Fund to $25 billion.

Paul Mampilly later retired at the age of 42 years and started working on his own, as an investment analyst. He writes a newsletter, Profit Unlimited which has 60,000 subscribers. He gives all details in such a way that even a new investor will understand. After receiving this newsletter, Mampilly’s subscribers visit his website to learn the best stocks to buy and sell. He focuses more on teaching his readers how to become responsible for operating their brokerage accounts. The readers also have an advantage of receiving monthly briefings about when and how to trade. They can work via laptops, tablets, and smartphones and get assistance from his customer care team in case of any query.

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Another great lesson offered by Paul Mampilly is how certain trends affect business and how investors should react to it. A good example is a relationship between politics and business operations. People with vast amounts of capital for investment are also advised to invest in emerging companies. The young stocks have low prices and tend to rise in value upon the market’s disruption by the company. An example is buying many shares at $5 in June and later selling them at $50.The profit is high, and since one bought the stocks in large quantities, the gain is more remarkable. He also teaches readers how to detect potential disruptions in the market. The interruption occurs when a company replaces goods with new ones of the same category.

Paul Mampilly has had very successive investments. We all know about Netflix, the most popular online streaming site in the world. He saw the potential in the business while it was new and invested in it. He has also won many awards an example is the prestigious Templeton Foundation’s competition.

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