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José AuriemoNeto: Meet the Outstanding Entrepreneur behind JHSF’s Success

JHSF Participações S.A is a leading multinational property organization with several active branches in the main cities of Brazil including Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. Additionally, it has investments in Miami, New York, and Punta Del Este (Uruguay). JHSF was created in 1972 and has since developed many luxurious properties including airports, shopping centers, commercial towers, top-notch hotels and lavish condominiums.

JHSF has an excellent strategy to ensure continuous revenue generation; hence, the reason it has sub divided the organization to focus on the properties as mentioned earlier. Since its founding, JHSF has developed approximately more than six million square meters of construction. In 2017, the company was projected to have a market value of R $1.20 Billion and the figure is expected to double up by 2030. Additionally, JHSF has been trading its shares on the stock exchange since 2007 successfully.

In 2014, JHSF was honored with thePini Award for being the Best Brazilian Real Estate Developer among other awards. Some of the most prominent property developed by JHSD includes Bela Vista Shopping Center in Salvador, Fasano Group Hotels, and CidadeJardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paulo and Ponta Negra Shopping Mall in Manaus.

About José AuriemoNeto

José AuriemoNeto is the serving Chairman, President, and CEO at JHSF Participações S.A taking after his father Fabio Auriemo at only the age of 27 years. Under José management, JHSF has undertaken several successful projects. For instance, even before becoming active in the top management of JHSF, Mr. Neto managed to convince his father who was at the time the President to undertake the construction of ParqueCidadeJardim, a large shopping complex in Brazil. Additionally, after joining JHSF, he made a move to enter into retail business by signing deals with top known fashion designers including Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. To know more about him click here.

Another important venture developed by Mr. Auriemo includes the Parkbem, a project that enabled JHSF to control and manage its parking lots it all its properties. José Auriemo stated his career in 1993 after graduating with degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from FAAP University and FASE colleges respectively.


28 Aug

USHEALTH Group: Leading the Tailor-made Health Insurance Plans Movement

USHEALTH Group has carved out a reputation within the health and life insurance sector as one of the leading providers of easily accessible and affordable health and life insurance services in the United States. Its award-winning services have been customized at two levels to meet the unique needs of its individual clients.

The first level is the niche market customization, which has seen the company expand its services to serve self-employed individuals and small business owners. The company has also strategically streamlined its operations to ensure that they are customer-centric.

The ultimate goal of USHEALTH Group’s strategic decisions and operations is to make a positive difference in the lives of its clients and their families, friends and loved ones. The company’s services are therefore ultimately aimed at giving them hope.

Success Factors

Throughout the healthcare industry, very few companies and its management has won as many industry awards as USHEALTH Group. The company’s hierarchy especially its chief executive officer and president, Troy A. McQuagge, has won numerous awards including CEO of the Year Awards from various organizations including Planet One Awards.

He has also won numerous categories of Stevie Awards prizes. In addition to these individual accolades, USHEALTH Group as an organization has won several Stevie Awards. These individual and organization-level awards outline the company’s successes.

One of the success factors at USHEALTH Group is the excellent and visionary leadership of the multi-tiered management of the company. The president and CEO works with numerous, highly talented management team and healthcare professionals who has been the backbone of the company’s successes. Read more: US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP and USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

These professionals also include hundreds of licensed agents who help the company in reaching out to the thousands of clients spread across the country. Niche marketing and customer-centric services have also played a key role in the company’s excellent track record.

Additionally, the company has also pillared its successes on the numerous subsidiaries that it has established across the country to improve its service delivery, affordability and accessibility.

Company’s Management Profile

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group was founded in 1982 and has since them developed an impressive portfolio as an innovative service provider, which target health and life insurance plans for individuals within structured and non-structured employment systems.

Dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of its clients, the company has broad on board highly talented and multi-skilled individuals to spearhead its operations. In addition to Troy A. McQuagge, the company also brought on board Konrad Kober to serve as its vice president and chief administrator.

The senior management team also includes Cynthia Koenig who is the vice president, principal accounting officer, treasurer and chief financial officer of the company. The A – (minus) Better Business Bureau accredited company’s management includes Leo Toralballa who serves as the vice president and head of national sales t USHEALTH Direct.

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19 May

Richard Shinto: The Force Behind The Success Of InnovaCare

For a long time, InnovaCare Health Solutions has been a sanctuary for an average person who cannot afford standard medical care. InnovaCare’s cerebral approaches and achievements in the health industry made it an indomitable force in North America. However, the company still faced stiff competition when it tried to penetrate other countries. Luckily, the situation changed when InnovaCare introduced Dr. Richard Shinto to its team in 2012. The decision saw the influence and the popularity of InnovaCare rise steeply. Suddenly, the company became unstoppable, and it started to infiltrate more countries.

Dr. Shinto is the current President and the CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. The exceptional CEO received an M.B.A from the University of Redlands and pursued M.D at the University of New York. Besides, Dr. Shinto earned a B.S from the University of California at Irvine. His prowess is attributable to his 20 years of experience in the clinical and operational healthcare. Before InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare. Richard has also served as the CEO at PMC Medicare Choice and Aventa Inc. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Today, InnovaCare Health Solutions is an undisputed leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs thanks to Dr. Shinto. His entry saw InnovaCare embrace new techniques and approaches that provided patients with cheaper health solutions. Dr. Shinto subscribes to the idea of teamwork and has used this principal to inspire his team to give their all when serving their clients. Gradually, InnovaCare client list continues to grow. In fact, over 70% of people in North America prefer InnovaCare to its competitors.

Dr. Shinto trusts in the firm’s mission and religiously strives to exploit its untapped potential. He continues to employ unique and effective approaches to ensure his company expands to new untapped markets. Apart from InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto also writes interesting and informative articles on healthcare services. His articles mostly accentuate the need for affordable health care options for the low-income earners and the disadvantaged who are often overlooked in the society. His messages insist that innovation and modern technology are the only tools that can be used to develop cheap and effective healthcare solutions.

Dr. Shinto’s exceptional leadership skills have earned him the reputable Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award during his time as President and CEO of Aventa Inc. With his solid education background, excellent leadership skills and dedication to serve humanity, InnovaCare is likely to reach even higher echelons in innovation and service delivery.

Read more: http://www.camarapr.org/Pres-Izq/PRH-2015/bios/Bio-Richard-Shinto-2015.pdf


5 May

Tony Petrello: Oil Magnate Once Known As A Mathematics Whiz

Tony Petrello has made headlines several times as one of the highest-paid CEOs in America with a total compensation of over $27 million. He’s the CEO of Nabors Industries, a large oil drilling contractor based in Houston, TX with holdings all across the world.

He guides the companies technology and marketing strategies and also helps maintain positive relations with investors. But prior to becoming an oil industry magnate Petrello was a protégé of Mathematics professor Serge Lang, an account that his roommate Lloyd Grove shares with The Daily Beast.

Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and always enjoyed studying mathematics in his spare time. He earned a scholarship to Yale University where he was Grove’s roommate and majored in Advanced Mathematics. He graduated with high honors from Yale, but instead of becoming a mathematician or professor he went into corporate law, completing his J.D. at Harvard. He practiced law for 13 years at Baker & McKenzie specializing in foreign transactions and tax compliance. He joined Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer in 1991.

Petrello’s greatest love is his daughter Carena, a young girl that has struggled with cerebral palsy. It was very difficult for Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello to hear that there was no cure for cerebral palsy, but they haven’t given up on the idea that one day a cure might be found. They’ve contributed to neurological research at the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital and have been spreading word about charity towards neurology to other businessmen.

2 Apr

Bob Reina Is Always Prepared

They often say that half of life is preparation. When someone is prepared for something and ready for it, it is nearly impossible to be stopped. People are able to have a feel for something and see it before it happens.

That has always been the case with Bob Reina, especially when he founded Talk Fusion back in 2007. As the CEO of the company, he saw that things were changing and it was time to pounce while the iron was hot. That is why he created a company that could make things easier for those that wanted to work from home.

That is now all the rave these days, but Bob Reina was prepared for it back in 2007. Now, ten years later, the company is bigger than ever. With the advent of talk, data, and messaging, Talk Fusion truly has whatever anyone needs that is looking to get their stay-at-home business off the ground.

There are not that many companies out there anymore that are really only doing things in stores. More and more, people are doing their shopping online as well as paying bills online. It only makes sense that people work from home and have a business from home.

That is what Talk Fusion gives them with their state-of-the-art video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.

They also know that when they use Talk Fusion, they are working with a company that is led by a truly great human being in Bob Reina. This is the same man that made a record breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Anyone that is an animal lover is truly someone that has a heart of gold.

There are also thirty-day free trials of Talk Fusion for those that are interested in trying it out for the first time and seeing what it is all about and how it works.