28 Nov

Oncotarget: informative and convenient

I will mainly talk about this particular journal, Oncotarget. It is a biomedical journal which covers research on all aspects of oncology. I discovered they also publish subsections on topics beyond oncology like aging, microbiology, and chromosomes among others. One publication that fascinated me was on the benefit of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and pCR for patients with advanced Triple-negative breast cancer. It highlights the role of the procedures in prolonging the lives of the patients. Triple-negative breast cancer is characterized by a lack of estrogen and progesterone receptors. Besides, there is no expression of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. The publication addresses the factors related to short-term and long-term effects of the treatment. Primarily, the results focused on the survival of the patients.

The peer-reviewed journal is published twice per week. Interestingly, I noted that seven volumes had been released so far with 324 issues available. Currently, it’s in the eighth volume. What fascinated me about this journal is its free access. It fosters applications of both basic and clinical science in combating diseases. Being under the realm of the most prominent scientists, they have helped all researchers contribute to the progress of science.

I realized there are efforts in place to become the first research journal to publish on PubMed a few days after being released online. This is through a partnership with the National Library of Medicine. Furthermore, the journal gives every paper a particular aspect of identifying with. This is through recommendations put in place by the Committee on Publication Ethics. In essence, Oncotarget has provided information to people from all walks of life ranging from researchers, medical professionals, and patients among others.

I ventured into an earlier article on Spe 19 2017. This particular piece assured readers that all its scientific publications would be readily available. Publishing twice a week will allow the publication cover the full range of subjects within the field of biomedicine. Also, it will give more researchers a platform to publish their work. Oncotarget will still be available on PubMed, PubMed Central, and ISI/Web of Science among others. As a person with a profound interest in biology and medicine, I can attest that you will capture a lot in Oncotarget.