31 Jul

Jason Hope’s Futuristic View through Technology and Entrepreneurship

Kevin Ashton coined internet of Things in 1999. Physical devices have been increasingly equipped with electronics so that they can collect data and information. Cars, cameras, refrigerators, and pets have some degree of connectivity in the current world. The term means the world has become more connected to the internet.

IoT Technology: Europe Vs America

In a survey of 500 executives in Europe and America, 25% of European Executives plan to integrate IoT Solutions within their systems by the year 2020 as compared to only 16 % of their counterparts in the Americas. In Europe, it is aimed at cost reduction and improvement of analytics as well as the quality of products.75% of executives from America expects IoT Solutions to reduce wastes and input costs with the figure being 35 % in Europe.

Obstacles to Implementing IoT Solutions

  • All European Executives cited security as a major hurdle to adopting the IoT Technologies. The fear is understood since Europe so far leads in cases of cyber-crimes. About74 countries in Europe were affected by a cyber-crime attack in May last year.
  • Regulatory barriers to adopting IoT. About 8 % of American executives cited concern on compliance.

The Future of IoT Technologies in Europe and America

The two powers are adopting a “wait and see” attitude to implementing the IoT Solutions. Europe has shown a higher possibility of learning the technology faster than their colleagues. The competition will ensure that the two court bigger investors, and there is a possibility America will be seeking inspiration from Europe in the years to come.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor. Jason focuses on technology and philanthropy. He is a respected futurist who has gained a reputation for analyzing his markets and systematically predicting technological developments. Jason Hope hopes to see the world where development will be the entire work of technology, for many generations to come.

Jason Hope’s education was business-oriented. He has a degree in Finance as well as a Master’s in Business Administration from the Arizona State University’s Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope founded the SENS Foundation. He has impacted lives through his philanthropic initiatives America.


28 Jul

Designer Of IDLife: Logan Stout And His Achievements

Logan Stout has worked within business to become the CEO and Founder of IDLife. His experience ranges from talking to the public about how to enhance their own leading attributes, as well as managing businesses and promoting them. He is a published author, in which he wrote his book to encourage others to use their own personal power to succeed in life. His partnerships include Inc. Magazine where he notably helped teach internationally about bringing and attracting positive skills into one’s lifestyle. Logan Stout enhances the lives of the youth through his foundation of the Dallas Patriots baseball.

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Logan Stout acquired IDLife where he promotes giving people opportunities to increase their healthy living and receive health supplements for doing so. IDLife gives people who are involved a survey to fill out before they are given the correct supplements back based on what they require personally. Individuals use IDLife to become even healthier within their own physical bodies. IDLife is for people looking for wellness, and possibly recovery, but also looking to improve their functionalities and take control over their lives. IDLife offers natural remedies and options to participate in their program and even make your own earnings and teach others about how to be healthy individually. IDLife is an organization which strives to give freedom of design in promoting products and sales. The experience you gain from participating in IDLife benefits you greatly in numerous ways such as improving all parts of the day, including morning afternoon and night time.

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19 Jul

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Funds Arizona Activist Groups

Puente is one of the civil, human, and migrant rights groups in Arizona that is working toward helping the immigrants that cross the border between Mexico and the United States. They are able to help by bringing awareness to these issues. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

There are a variety of ways in which they are able to help. One of the strategies that they put into use is the acts of civil disobedience they put on. They do marches and also go on hunger strikes.

These acts serve to draw attention to the issues that immigrants face. The media rarely discuss what is going on along the border so most of the public does not know how bad things are near the border in Arizona.

Another group that works to help immigrants is the Colibri Center in Arizona. They focus on helping the families of migrants that went missing on the border but they consider this to be an issue of human rights. They use three systems in order to provide optimal levels of help.

One of these is their work on the Missing Migrant program. In this program, the Colibri Center collaborates with the families of missing migrants and helps them to create detailed missing person reports. This is massively beneficial because most missing person reports are not very effective.

The Colibri group is making it easier for medical examiners to identify the bodies by giving them details such as tattoos and personal items. The second thing that the Colibri Center does as part of their program is working on inserting DNA analysis into their system. They are traveling all over Arizona and collecting DNA samples from the families of the missing people.

They then send this information out to genetics labs where the data is analyzed. They are going to be able to use this to match with the DNA taken from the unidentified bodies. The final thing that they do to help these families is their Family Network. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

This network is used to provide support and comfort to the families that have lost someone on the border. They give them a place to talk and also organize groups so that they can meet together. This also allows the Colibri Center to work directly with the families and find out more ways that they can help.

All of these groups are funded by the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is an organization that was founded by two journalists in order to support activist groups in Arizona. These journalists are Michael and Larkin and they have been working toward protecting the natural rights of humans for their entire careers.

They were unlawfully arrested by the Sheriff of Maricopa County. After this, they sued the county and the court ruled in their favor. They received a settlement of $3.7 million and decided to use this money to help human, migrant, and civil rights groups in their area. This led to the formation of the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

15 Jul

How Did Doe Deere Build Lime Crime?

Doe Deere is one of the finest executives in cosmetics, and there are many women who take inspiration from her and the work she does. There are quite a few different people who will quite enjoy using the Lime Crime brand, and this article explains how Doe helps women look their best in all circumstances. It is am important step for all women to take when they want to look better, and there are many different colors for ladies to wear from this brand.


#1: The Design


The design of every new color from the Lime Crime is made by Doe Deere, and Doe is a fantastic woman who knows that she is filling a need for women who wish to wear bright colors. There are many different people who wish to wear brighter colors that other companies do not offer, and they will find all the things that they need that match their aesthetic.


#2: The Routine


There is a routine for all women to use that Doe has posted to the Internet, and there are many different women who wear this brand because they trust the colors. They are trusting Doe Deere and her routine, and they may watch her routine online. The routine is quite important for all women because it prepares their faces for the next day. Doe does this routine to ensure that she may wear all the colors she chooses, and she believes that all women should follow a routine that prepares their face.


#3: The Finest Online Experience


The online experience that women have when they shop with Lime Crime is quite strong, and there are no counters that women must visit. There are many different women who want to shop with Lime Crime because it is a much easier way for them to save money. The money that has been saved by women on this site will be much easier for them to use on future purchases. Doe passes savings on to her customers because she knows that they have many color needs that must be met.


#4: Why Is Lime Crime Important?


Lime Crime is an important brand in the cosmetics world because they have a color lineup that is better than other companies. The company was designed to fill the gaps in the industry, and they have chosen to give women every resource to make themselves look better. Ladies who wear these colors every day will feel much more beautiful, and these women will begin to enjoy a new look that is special to them alone. Their color choices may be used for any purpose the lady likes.


Doe Deere’s daily routine helps women get ready for the day, and they may wear their makeup better because of the beautiful skincare routine they use. Ladies who are using this routine may wear it for as long as they like, and there are many different women who will begin to enjoy their makeup more because they are following a proper skincare routine.

Learn more:


Finding Your Business Niche Like Doe Deere


7 Jul

The Madison Street Capital Reputation For Quality

Madison Street Capital has a reputation for high quality in valuation, and they do quite a lot for the people of the business world who wish to learn about other businesses and the competition.  This article explains how the company has created reports for many clients, and it shows how they ensure that every report helps a company make a wise decision.  The Madison Street Capital reputation is quite strong, and it allows the clients who hire them to learn about themselves and their industries.


#1:  How Do They Create Their Reports?


The reports that people need are created over the course of time by the Madison Street staff.  They will ensure that the company knows what they need to know, and they dig deep to learn how the value was created in the first place.  These companies learn quite a lot, and they have help when they are studying their own industry.  They see many things they may not have been aware of, and they will notice how easy it is for them to refer to the report when needed.


#2:  How To Make Business Decisions


The business decisions that are made with a number of different companies will be informed by these reports, and they may sell shares, edge or make changes to their business platform when needed.  It is quite easy for a company to make a decision when they are reading the Madison Street report, and they may make decisions that include mergers and sales.


#3:  The Value Of The Company Is Listed


There are quite a few different companies that may merge with others, and they may find that the companies have a value in-mind for their shares.  They will have an easy time putting together a package that both sides may agree upon, and it is easy for people to arrange a sale that could be completed by Madison Street in their offices.


The Madison Street Capital team has ensured that their customers have the reports they need to make business choices, and they believe that they may help their clients consummate deals in their offices.  This is much easier for the clients to do because they are safe when they make these deals, and everyone is working from the same paperwork.  There is no confusion in this process, and the two parties will have information that helps them negotiate their sale or merger.

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