30 May

Betsy DeVos Wants Educational Choices For Students

As the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos is going to have the chance to make major changes in the education field. She wants to do these changes so that she will be able to help the students get exactly what they need and so that they will be able to get more help from the opportunities that they have. It is something that is going to be a huge help for students and also something that is going to set DeVos apart from some of the other secretaries of education that have been present in the past. She wants to show people that she can make a difference through the plans that she has for the system. She also wants to make sure that she is doing things the right way in the educational system so that students will be the focus on the system instead of focusing it on the teachers or those who benefit from it.

Betsy DeVos has always fought for what is right. In the 1980’s, she helped to pioneer the voucher programs that so many people were able to use to ensure that they were going to get the best education possible. She wanted to do this so that students would be able to get a private education even if they did not have the chance to be able to afford it. She also wanted to show people that students were more successful in private schools because of the commitment to education.

As an education expert, Betsy DeVos doesn’t really think that public schools are bad, she just knows that they are not for everyone. Each student is different and will be able to learn in different ways. Just because public education works for the majority of students doesn’t mean that it will work for each student who enters the system. Sometimes, having other opportunities will help students to get the most out of their education. Things like private schools and charter schools are able to cater to kids who just don’t fit the public school mold.

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After establishing the voucher program and making sure that it was going to work out for students who needed it, Betsy felt the need to move on to other opportunities. She wanted to have more for students and that meant that she opened up the option of charter schools. She made them modern and collaborated with public school systems. Students who are in charter schools are able to get the treatment that they would receive in a private school. Charter schools, though, are no cost. They also have smaller class sizes and teachers who are able to provide the students with a higher quality education than a public school. Check this article from New York Post.

19 May

Richard Shinto: The Force Behind The Success Of InnovaCare

For a long time, InnovaCare Health Solutions has been a sanctuary for an average person who cannot afford standard medical care. InnovaCare’s cerebral approaches and achievements in the health industry made it an indomitable force in North America. However, the company still faced stiff competition when it tried to penetrate other countries. Luckily, the situation changed when InnovaCare introduced Dr. Richard Shinto to its team in 2012. The decision saw the influence and the popularity of InnovaCare rise steeply. Suddenly, the company became unstoppable, and it started to infiltrate more countries.

Dr. Shinto is the current President and the CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. The exceptional CEO received an M.B.A from the University of Redlands and pursued M.D at the University of New York. Besides, Dr. Shinto earned a B.S from the University of California at Irvine. His prowess is attributable to his 20 years of experience in the clinical and operational healthcare. Before InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare. Richard has also served as the CEO at PMC Medicare Choice and Aventa Inc. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Today, InnovaCare Health Solutions is an undisputed leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs thanks to Dr. Shinto. His entry saw InnovaCare embrace new techniques and approaches that provided patients with cheaper health solutions. Dr. Shinto subscribes to the idea of teamwork and has used this principal to inspire his team to give their all when serving their clients. Gradually, InnovaCare client list continues to grow. In fact, over 70% of people in North America prefer InnovaCare to its competitors.

Dr. Shinto trusts in the firm’s mission and religiously strives to exploit its untapped potential. He continues to employ unique and effective approaches to ensure his company expands to new untapped markets. Apart from InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto also writes interesting and informative articles on healthcare services. His articles mostly accentuate the need for affordable health care options for the low-income earners and the disadvantaged who are often overlooked in the society. His messages insist that innovation and modern technology are the only tools that can be used to develop cheap and effective healthcare solutions.

Dr. Shinto’s exceptional leadership skills have earned him the reputable Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award during his time as President and CEO of Aventa Inc. With his solid education background, excellent leadership skills and dedication to serve humanity, InnovaCare is likely to reach even higher echelons in innovation and service delivery.

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18 May

Oncotarget: Towards Free Access to Information

Since its establishment in 2010, Oncotarget has grown in stature within scientific circles to become one of the leading scientific journals in the world. The medical journal published weekly under the sponsorship of Gordon Research Conference by Impact, primarily focuses on research-based and peer reviewed articles on cancer. However, over the years the journal has expanded the fields of its focus. Informed by the interconnectivity of cancer and other fields, the journal currently accepts articles on cellular and molecular biology among other fields. This ensures that the journal engages in a full frontal approach towards cancer: a scourge that has becoming a leading cause of deaths annually across the globe.

Oncotarget is committed towards ensuring that information on cancer and various related fields is available not only to the scientific community, but also to the general population. Towards this end, the journal operates an open source entity where all interested can submit and retrieved the peer-reviewed and researched articles online for free. Free generation and dispensation of information on cancer, other related conditions and other medical conditions, in general, is a major boost for the much-needed success towards finding a lasting and effective cure and therapies. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Quality Measures

Oncotarget has relatively positive ratings, which is reflective of the quality measures taken by the management of the journal. Before publication, all the articles undergo a rigorous peer review process carried out by multiple peers. These highly qualified professionals thoroughly vet the content of the articles before they are published for public consumption. In addition, the journal has highly qualified professionals sitting on its editorial board. The editorial board is composed of experienced scholars. Some of them including Mikhail Blagosklonny, its current editor-in-chief is a research scientist and professor with years of scholarly experience as an oncology specialist. Others are specialists in biology, cellular and molecular biology. This allows the journal to publish thoroughly vetted articles tackling different issues across various fields.

These quality measures have led to a Q1 ranking by Scopus/SJR. This is the highest ranking for journals by the entity. With over ten thousand citations for its articles, Oncotarget is one of the most popular journals globally when citation ratings are compared. Moreover, the journal has an impressive impact factor of 5.008 despite its relatively lifespan.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

11 May

Travel Around Singapore With Kim Dao And Eric

With tons of Michelin Star restaurants and luxury shopping destinations, Singapore (Chinese: 新加坡) is an absolute dream travel destination. Luckily for us, YouTuber Kim Dao vlogged her entire trip to the former British colony. In her video “Shopping & Food in SINGAPORE | Day 2,” Kim Dao takes us around some of the hot spots in Singapore with her boyfriend Eric.


First off, Kim and Eric get some complimentary breakfast at their hotel. Kim Dao orders scrambled eggs, sausage, a poached egg, oatmeal, and a tomato.


Once they finish breakfast, Kim Dao and Eric head back to their hotel room to rest for a bit. Believe it or not, Kim Dao actually falls asleep once she gets to her room. When she wakes up, it’s already time for lunch.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us inside the restaurant Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant to show us her Chinese lunch.


After lunch, Kim Dao tries on clothes at the store Zara. She eventually decides to purchase a few clothing items at the store.


Kim Dao then takes a lovely panoramic shot of Singapore’s skyscrapers. She also points out the super expensive Marina Bay Sands hotel. Kim pauses by the super touristy statue of Merlion, a famous half-lion and half-fish that shoots water out of its mighty mouth.


Eric and Kim Dao then walk around Peninsula Plaza and check out various shops. They stop at a frozen yogurt chain called llaollao. to try a smoothie.




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7 May

The Rise of George Soros

There are many people who are worried about the economy in the future. With so many questions that need to be answered, few people can develop an investing plan that makes sense for them over the long term. George Soros is someone who has had a lot of experience in this area over the years. Not only that, but he is excited about the changes that are being made as well. If you are ready to take things to a new level in your life, learn to read what he is doing with his investments. Over time, he is the type of person who will help you get to a new level in your life and career. Not only that, but he gives great investing and political advice that should be listened to. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

Thoughts on the Economy

George Soros has a lot of thoughts on the economy right now. Like a lot of people in finance, he believes that the stock market is in a bubble after rising rapidly with the election of Donald Trump in the United States. However, there are a lot of economic indicators that show that growth could be on the horizon. With the job growth numbers that are coming out, some people are starting to get excited about where economic growth is going in the future. If you want to listen to George Soros, he puts out a lot of content in various ways. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is working on to meet the needs of people who follow him. No matter what anyone says in the media, George Soros still sees a lot of weakness in the future for the economy. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.


Perhaps the thing that George Soros is most known for is his investing. He has a track record of going against the crowd and making a lot of money in the process. George Soros is always ready to think about ways that he can help other people reach their goals and dreams in life. If you are ready to learn from one of the best people in business, George Soros is the type of person who you should work with. Over time, he has proven to want to work with people who are ready and willing to help themselves. With all of the work that he is doing in his career, now is the time to follow what he says. In the world of politics, few people are as respected as George Soros. He is always ready and willing to back up what he says with cash for people who he wants to support in various causes throughout the world.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

5 May

Tony Petrello: Oil Magnate Once Known As A Mathematics Whiz

Tony Petrello has made headlines several times as one of the highest-paid CEOs in America with a total compensation of over $27 million. He’s the CEO of Nabors Industries, a large oil drilling contractor based in Houston, TX with holdings all across the world.

He guides the companies technology and marketing strategies and also helps maintain positive relations with investors. But prior to becoming an oil industry magnate Petrello was a protégé of Mathematics professor Serge Lang, an account that his roommate Lloyd Grove shares with The Daily Beast.

Anthony Petrello grew up in New Jersey and always enjoyed studying mathematics in his spare time. He earned a scholarship to Yale University where he was Grove’s roommate and majored in Advanced Mathematics. He graduated with high honors from Yale, but instead of becoming a mathematician or professor he went into corporate law, completing his J.D. at Harvard. He practiced law for 13 years at Baker & McKenzie specializing in foreign transactions and tax compliance. He joined Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer in 1991.

Petrello’s greatest love is his daughter Carena, a young girl that has struggled with cerebral palsy. It was very difficult for Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello to hear that there was no cure for cerebral palsy, but they haven’t given up on the idea that one day a cure might be found. They’ve contributed to neurological research at the Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital and have been spreading word about charity towards neurology to other businessmen.