31 Jan

Philanthropic Endeavors Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is known primarily for his wealth of priceless wisdom, experience, and ability to accomplish lucrative development within a massively impulsive and unruly industry. During his time fulfilling his responsibilities as the President & C.E.O. of his chief company Nabors Industries, Mr. Anthony Petrello also studied diligently to complete a Juris Doctors degree. Mr. Petrello acquired this prized honor from the venerated School of Harvard Law. Anthony Petrello also achieved a Masters degree in the field of Mathematics from the outstanding and highly respected Yale University. Anthony’s company, Nabors Industries, a component of his key company, Nabors, is where Mr. Petrello executes his responsibilities as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Petrello is also the director of another enterprise, the Hilcorp Company, and carries out this role as well at the corporation Stewart & Stevenson.

In addition to being an illustrious chief administrator in the oil trade, Anthony Petrello is moreover a valued compassionate donator, renowned throughout Houston. Anthony Petrello gave millions in contributions to medical organizations, including esteemed institutions such as the Baylor College. These resources went to caring for children that are afflicted with neurological troubles.

Mr. Petrello’s daughter was born suffering from a crippling neurological dilemma, one which is known to affect infants who are premature. Mr. Petrello’s wife dreamed of their infant daughter as a dancer, while Anthony had envisioned her thriving as an exceptional mathematician. Unfortunately, when it was realized that their child was affected by this upsetting problem, called periventricular leukomalacia, which transformed into cerebral palsy, the Petrellos switched their concentration to their daughter’s experience of life instead.

Anthony studied to understand neurological disruptions to young people, and provided many millions of dollars to hospitals in Texas devoted to children’s welfare, with the hope of ending neurological problems from an extraordinarily funded medical enterprise. Anthony Petrello is a priceless attribute to Texas, working to perform his duties as a board member and contributing donations dedicated to the eradication of these hardships and the advancement of treatments at many medical institutions.

24 Jan

Crime Escalates Around the Quincy Apartments

On May 7th, 2013, a Pizza robbery in Quincy happened. Police arrested a New Brunswick man in conjunction to the robbery. The South Brunswick police, a few months later charged the man with a case of armed robbery of a pizza delivery man. Wood is 21 years old and goes by the street name P-gun. P-gun is the leader of the street gang involved in the incident.


It is in the police records that the delivery man was delivering pizza to the N building of a complex on the Quincy circle. However, upon arrival, he was told that no pizza had been ordered. As the delivery guy turned to walk back, three male suspects approached the man from behind and said the pizza request had originated from them. As the delivery man proceeded to get their pizza from the car, one of the assailants produced a gun and demanded money. The police report said that the three men escaped with the victim’s wallet, money, and pizza to a nearby parking lot.


Investigations carried out obtained cell phone from the site during the incident. P-gun was linked to the location at the time of the incident.

Quincy Circle is an apartment complex that is the home to many residents. It offers all types of housing based on the client desires.


On October 2015, around the same area in New Brunswick apartments, at least one person was injured in a shooting that occurred in the area. The victim was rushed to the hospital as police proceeded to do their investigations. The location is known for its crime rate, and the 5th of October was no different. According to the police department, three or four shots were fired. The apartments are owned by a company based in the North Quincy, Massachusetts.

20 Jan

Fabletics takes on the Amazon Colossus

If you did not purchase anything from Amazon this winter, you may be a Martian. Amazon currently commands 20% of the online fashion market and that number is only growing. Any emerging electronic retailer must be ready to compete with Amazon and that is just what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing.


How does anyone fight a giant? Well, in the Old Testament, David took aim at a weak spot on his giant to fell him with a slingshot. Can Fabletics use that logic to compete with Amazon? It seems so.


Amazon’s strengths are speed, vast variety and ease. Fabletics began selling based on an almost contrary model. Fabletics is founded on a membership model. All membership models are somewhat exclusive, the opposite of Amazon’s come one, come all culture.

To attract customers to become members, Fabletics entices them with an amazing deal: a complete outfit for $20. People who want the deal, must accept membership, which they can cancel immediately if they desire. However, Fabletics’ success is based on customers being so pleased with the initial offering, that they are eager to remain members and accept new fitness outfits each month.

Customers are remarkably distractible, so to ensure maintaining customer membership and interest, Fabletics customizes each order. With hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world, how is that possible? Data is the key. With membership, you complete a survey of your exercise and fashion preferences such as what kind of clothing you wear for exercise and what types of exercise you prefer from cycling to dance. This is the foundational information Fabletics has about each customer.


Each month, customers are shipped, without a shipping fee which is so annoying to many electronic purchasers, a new outfit. Customers may accept the outfit for which they are charged approximately $50; they may accept part of the outfit and accept store credit for whatever they return; they can return the entire shipment for store credit or refund for which there is a small processing fee or they can inhibit shipping for the month through their online account.


Based on the style, type and design of the returned clothing, Fabletics “learns” individual tastes. Subsequently, they apply that data to the following shipments. Customizing becomes more successful and by providing quality, fashion-forward garments, Fabletics builds a reliable brand with legs to stride into the future.


Based on their electronic success, Fabletics is opening brick and mortar stores that continue their customization process. For example, a store in a mall on the east coast will feature products that have been selling well in that area that may not appear in a west coast sister store at all. Customer’s VIP membership also functions in the physical stores, avoiding a common practice among shoppers of trying on items in a physical environment only to purchase online.




19 Jan

How the CTRMA has Improved the Flow of Traffic Through Technology

In the wake of the rapid technological development, CTRMA aims to incorporate the innovative traffic flow solutions to road construction projects. By collaborating with a vast array of IT firms, CTRMA can provide a vast array of technology solutions that can ease the traffic flow. There are plenty of ways to create the smart roads, and the best strategy is to incorporate the fiber optic cables in the infrastructure projects. Other strategies include incorporating the GPS and Wi-Fi technologies in the roads. By incorporating several ducts in the road reserves, providing such services to the neighboring estates and neighborhoods is quite easy. If you are looking for directions, this system can give you the warning signs if you take the wrong lane or use the wrong exit.


Sharing the ride

CTRMA partnered with several firms including Metropia to create a broad array of mobile traffic apps that come in handy when it comes to monitoring the traffic system while providing the real-time directions and alternative routes to the motorists. Another way to ease congestion is to avoid the number of empty seats by using the carpooling concept. By encouraging the commuters to share the ride, the carpooling app can enable the motorists to find some passengers to fill up their seats and share the ride.


Alternative modes of transport

The dependence on the automobile is one of the ways by which the roads become congested. The CTRMA encourages the people to cycle by creating a broad range of bike-friendly routes in the urban centers. Bikes can help to reduce the congestion by lessening the numbers of cars on the roads. The urban roads suffer the most when it comes to the traffic jams. By borrowing from the most populated countries such as India, the residents will love the concepts since they understand that using a bike is convenient during the jam.


Innovative intersections

Although the roundabouts provided the ultimate solutions in the past decade, they have become obsolete today. CTRMA believes in creating a cloverleaf with several lanes at different levels. Remember that the pedestrians and cyclists cannot use the cloverleaf for safety reasons. As such, the CTRMA proposes introducing a series of bridges and ramps to help the cyclists and pedestrians to cross from one side of the road to another safely.

Learn about Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA

17 Jan

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Is Changing The Way Women View Makeup

Chances are you’ve seen pictures of Doe Deere on social media platforms like Instagram, and she’s likely adorned with brightly colored makeup that makes you take a second look. Deere is more than just a attractive face, she’s also a makeup artist and businesswoman who has earned the title of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine due to her Lime Crime makeup brand. Deere also interviewed with Stephanie Janetos of Galore Mag to talk about her professional success as well.


Deere shares that she’s always had an active imagination and was fascinated and drawn to color. She remembers dressing herself in as many colors as possible as a child and even playing in her mother’s makeup. She reveals that she’s having just as much fun as an adult, and will be revealing new projects soon.


Deere also shares that her earliest memory of makeup was when she was at a slumber party with her two best friends. She and her friends were nine years old at the time, and starting piling on makeup to look spooky and mysterious. She remembers that her friends looked at her in a way that indicated they thought she was a little strange, but she didn’t mind. She just remembered having fun and wanting the moment to be authentic. Doe Deere has carried that free spirit with her into business, and her boldness has led her to create shockingly beautiful looks for clients as a makeup artist and the CEO of Lime Crime.



The mission of Lime Crime is to revolutionize the way makeup is worn and viewed. Deere wants to change the way women shop for cosmetics and improve the way that makeup makes people feel. Lime Crime is one of the first brands that is exclusively online, and has become a cult favorite among consumers who are active on social media. The company has introduced trends that have taking social media by storm and continues to set new standards in terms of quality and performance.


Whether customers are searching for a new go-to look or makeup for a special occasion, Lime Crime’s vegan and cruelty-free selections could provide a beautiful solution.

Learn more:


Doe Deere of Lime Crime: Colorful Innovative Make-Up for Women Who Live Unapologetically










6 Jan

How Don Ressler Has Supported The Growth Of Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is reputed as one of the most focused entrepreneur in the online world of business due to the success he has recorded over the years he has been investing in that space. He supports young entrepreneurs on Crunchbase to help them understand how they can structure their ideas for performance and to emerge competitive. Don Ressler runs several successful companies that he founded and co-founded and more than 75% of the ideas he launched grew to become stable and successful businesses.

More than 15 years ago, Don Ressler made his first move in business and this saw him launch FitnessHeaven.com, which was founded on the need to offer affordable and high quality fitness products on Brandettes. The company was an awesome platform on which he was able to learn several things about running a business and enhancing productivity.

At first, FitnessHeaven.com did not produce the results he wanted since there were many challenges along the way that included lack of resources and the needed marketing skills on LinkedIn. However, this did not discourage him and by 2000, the business was already profitable. In 2001, he put the company on sale and in the same year Intermix Media bought it over.

Alena Media
While transacting, Don Ressler came across Adam Goldenberg, who was then working as the COO of Intermix Media. They held similar ideas and dreams and they decided to join hands to invest in a business that would cover a bigger region. The first idea the duo pursued included the launch of Alena Media, a company that offered marketing services to online-based businesses. Alena was one of the most profitable businesses they launched because it generated millions from advertising in just three years after inception.

Intelligent Beauty
In 2005, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler sold Alena Media to News Corp to raise funds for a different idea. The money they raised was enough to finance a bigger company, so in 2008, they founded Intelligent Beauty, which has remained profitable since its launch. The company offers beauty products and operates different branches.

The next move the duo made saw them launch JustFab in 2010. JustFab offers fashion products and is run through a subscription platform at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/for-intelligent-beautys-a_n_1624707.html that allows users to manage their preferences. In 2011, they went for $33 million funding from Matrix Ventures to finance the infrastructural development of the company.